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The roasting process has undergone various changes over the years, but never betraying the values ??on which it was founded and without ever failing to offer the customer a good coffee.

The strength behind the work of the great Caffè Profili team is the sharing of ideas, necessary for the success of every family business like ours; the principles of ethics and responsibility, to which we have always linked a strong social commitment; compliance with quality and sustainability standards, which could not exist without particular attention to the environment. 

The certainty of the quality of our coffee has led us over the years to expand the offer to individuals and to the Ho.Re.Ca. industry, to whom we guarantee, along with the product, assistance, accessories and a series of professional services aimed at making the work of our customer satisfactory, safe and ambitious.

Thanks to a continuous desire of improvement and to a deep knowledge of the region, today Profili Roasting combines tradition and modernity; it boasts various types of fine coffee, more and more personalized, designed for every taste and need.

Our history
from 1949 to today

In the very early post-war period the company immediately distinguished itself by a type of service aimed at catering to stores and establishments distributed within the Lazio region.

1968 was the year in which the Roasting was established in the current Roman headquarters in Via Girolamo Vitelli, adhering mainly to large retailers and traditional food shops.

The company continued its activity until 1988, when it began to offer its services to those who buy coffee for professional use: cafes, hotels, restaurants, religious institutes and company cafes. 

In this phase of transformation, the thirty-year experience of roasters was decisive in order to further increase the quality standard of the product, rediscovering and researching the blends of traditional taste of the ancient roasted coffee in a workmanlike manner, which is reached only after selecting the finest coffees at the origin.

From 1949 to today, every change has been a growth factor for us, the development of the phases of production and distribution has never made us lose sight of the authentic Italian taste and the attention to the passion of our clients.

Our selection of catering blends

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